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Feb. 18 - Zoom Meeting
What does it take to get your car ready for award status?

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Fiero Focus Magazine
We want to hear about you, your Fiero, and how you
and your Fiero met and how you are getting along!

Meet-a-Member Questionaire>>
Fiero Products
Check out some of the newest products that Bonter Solutions is offering the Fiero Community. We will be spotlighting some of those products right here!

Bonter Solutions Products>>
Fiero Products
Check out some of the newest and latest Fiero
products on the market today! Not sure about the
product Paul has probably already checked it
out for you.

Pauls Product Reviews>>
Fiero Tech Solutions
Check out some of the latest tech solutions for
your Fiero! Not sure how to repair an issue Ray
has probably repaired and wrote about it in
the Tech Section.

Tech Tips for your Fiero>>
Fiero Prices
Is the Fiero a collectible car now?
Are certain models more valuable?
Is it worth storing your Fiero for future financial gain?

2021 Fiero Price Guide>>
Fiero Safety
Technical Service Bulletins (also called TSBs)
are the manufacturer's method of communicating
information about the vehicles they make to the
dealerships that sell and service their products.

Fiero Technical Service Bulletins>>
Fiero Clubs
A dedicated group of enthusiasts whose passion is to promote and preserve the Pontiac Fiero and the Fiero Community.

MWFC Website>>

MWFC Facebook>>

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